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Hi! My name is Guy Friedmann and I have been trading in second-hand and remaindered books for most of my working life. Now in England I have started this online second-hand book store where I will be offering a small but interesting selection of titles and in the future printed ephemera. There is no particular emphasis to my selection but I will be concentrating on history.

I hope you find the selection and service satisfactory and if you have any questions please phone, WhatsApp or email me.

Printed Type Books is an independent bookseller based in Pershore, Worcestershire, United Kingdom.

We trade online only

A selection from our Catalogue

The Journal Of Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp. Anno 1639. Translated and edited by C. R. Boxer. Tromp was a ship's captain and naval commander who successfully led Dutch forces fighting for independence in the Eighty Years War, and then against England in the First Anglo-Dutch War. This diary tells how he led the Dutch fleet to a decisive victory over the Spanish at the Battle of the Downs. Illustrated with 8 plates and 3 charts. Hardcover. 237pp.

The Escape from Elba: The Fall and Flight of Napoleon 1814-1815 by Norman Mackenzie tells the heroic story of Napoleon's exile and phoenix-like return. B/w illustrations. Hardcover. 299pp.